Effect on plants and animals

Agriculture produces a basis of life that is important for us: food. Therefore, agriculture is an issue that is of concern to all of us. Furthermore, it has a tremendous impact on our other bases of life as well: soil, water and air. As a result of the growing industrialization of agriculture, however, we are increasingly threatening our bases of life. One third of all greenhouse gases emitted on our earth are generated by agriculture. Thereby agriculture directly contributes to climate change. Moreover, the excessive use of agricultural chemistry threatens our health, ground water and ecosystems.

Healthy cycle

Factory farming produces great amounts of manure that traditionally are subject to a rather unhealthy decomposition process, unhealthy in terms of putrefactive bacteria that are the inevitable result of insufficient oxygen supply. We need a healthy agriculture that orients itself towards natural and ecological processes and cycles. Our slurry-vitalizers and water activators achieve that animals and plants unite in a healthy cycle, as it was originally the case.

A perfect interplay of slurry-vitalizer and aquaSpin water activator

Experiences with aquaSpin water activator in agriculture and livestock:

  • Animals prefer vitalised water and drink more of it
  • When animals drink activated water the immune system of the animals becomes more robust resulting in fewer costs of veterinary expenses
  • Older animals become more vital
  • More beautiful fur and animals become more balanced thanks to activated water

  • Watering bowls and troughs remain algae-free
  • Milk tastes more refined

  • Reduction of medicines
  • Higher agricutultural yields
  • Stronger plant growth for example grain, fruits and vegetables
  • Vitalized water lasts longer
  • Higher milk output of cows
  • Better barn climate and better rotting of the dung
  • No increase of flies during heat waves
  • Liquid manure can get into aerobic processes thanks to activated water
  • Activated water can be applied via a field sprayer for plant and arable soil vitalizisation.

The slurry-vitalizer

The slurry-vitalizer is a multilayered bio-energy accumulator promoting the aerobic rotting process of the slurry. Because of the special frequencies and information emitted by the slurry-vitalizer, the micro-organisms necessary for the rotting process are activated. This has the following effects:

  • Homogenization of the slurry
  • Reduced odour nuisance arising from the slurry
  • Reduced ground water pollution
  • Stimulation of soil and plants after the fertilizing with vitalized slurry
  • Formation of humus
  • Good plant compatibility

〉〉 Review

«An experience report from our partner in France: Our aquaSpin was installed in a cow farm and since then the quality of the milk has improved and milk production has also increased. Algae no longer form in the milk containers and the animals feel much more comfortable..»