Experience a New Side of Water!

Mostly, the water from our taps has little in common with mountain spring water and its structure. In our water pipes, the natural structure of our water is destroyed by water pressure and general pollution.

Our technology transforms conventional tap water into highly structured water with a natural, crystalline structure. Furthermore, besides transforming the structure of tap water, the aquaSpin also changes the structure of lime. Before the aquaSpin lime is aggressive and adhering, while afterwards it is smoothened and therefore cannot settle on the walls of pipes or in angles. However, the vitalized and transformed water is not only advantageous to our pipes. The whole household benefits from this soft water.

Technology that Inspires

The Swirling Meandering Spiral

The POM swirling meandering spiral consists of food-safe plastic. It is harmless for humans, animals and the environment (according to the Food Requirements Act). The swirling spiral guides the tap water through a sinusoidal curve which is also called the meander.

The Austrian Viktor Schauberger, a pioneer in water research and water swirling, said: „You must understand nature and then copy it“. The meandering shape of the POM swirling spiral has been copied from nature and has been integrated into a compact device and is based on Schauberger's research. Along the curves of the swirling spiral the water flowing through will even form micro eddies. The water is then swirled around anti-clockwise and then again clockwise. The water will be strongly vitalised which otherwise only happens directly in nature.

The swirling of the water creates a cavity at the top behind the spiral. There is suction to the center of the pipe, i.e. an implosive or centripetal force, which gently removes limescale and rust deposits from the pipes that follow. All of these effects have been demonstrated in tests. This process vitalises the water and also cleans it energetically.

Insights Into the Water Vitalising Technology

Inside the POM swirling meandering spiral are two gilded orgone radiators with special mineral water, rock crystals, quartz sand and biological cotton in which positive information is stored. This strengthens the energy absorption in an optimal way even if the water is in a resting state. The special micro-swirling and the special meandering water flow round off the unique water activation. Due to the additional gold plating, for the purely positive effect of the brass and the geometric shape radiation, the sun information can also be integrated into the aquaSpin and also passed on to the water.

Copper Spirals for Additional Energisation

In order to implement an additional action principle, two copper spirals have been installed. Copper spirals give water an additional impulse for energization. Copper as a metal is considered invigorating, stimulating or vitalizing for humans, animals and the earth. We intentionally use a clockwise and an anti-clockwise spiral at the same time as these two principles appear everywhere in nature. Anti-clockwise is considered „energetically purifying“ or „deflecting from parasitic oscillations“ and clockwise is considered “invigorating“ or “stimulating“.

Bio-Energie-Akkumulator bearbeitet

  • 1 4 ribs for the geometrical form radiation
  • Technik-wasseraufbereitung-2 Turbo orgone radiator
  • Technik-wasseraufbereitung-3 Bio-energy accumulator (orgone radiator) incl. probe
  • Technik-wasseraufbereitung-4 9 ribs for the geometrical form radiation
  • Hyperbolically shaped tip

The Gilded Orgone Radiator in Detail

The core piece of the aquaSpin is the so-called orgone radiator.  This orgone radiator collects bio-vital energy from nature and then releases this energy back to the water purified and enriched with at lot of positive information. The water will therefore get back its original vital quality. The orgone radiator consists of brass which is an alloy made of copper and zinc. Since time immemorial these metals have been assigned specific properties.

The orgone radiator is a hollow body in the rear section. Inside the chamber there is a small turbo charger with a continuous clockwise threaded rod. It is filled with light-intense substances from nature. It contains in alternating layers organic cotton, transparent tumbled rock crystals and pure quartz sand. The nine ribs of the radiator serve as the amplifier of the etheric bio-vital information to be transmitted. Thanks to the high vibrations of the 9 ribs that act like insulators the orgone radiator cleans itself energetically and does not accept any negative foreign information from its surroundings.

Gold with its vibrational information contains the same life-promoting qualities as the light of the sun when it shines on all living things, on all of nature, and also on the element of water. Due to the additional gilding of the bio-energy accumulators, the information of the sun can be integrated in addition to the purely positive effect of brass (alloy of copper and zinc) and the geometric shape of the radiation. And thus also can be passed on to the water. The gold information can act as vitalizing and invigorating on the whole organism of humans (including animals, plants, etc.).

The hyperbolic shape of the tip bundles the etheric information of the orgone radiator and gives it off again in a directional beam to the flowing water in the line. In addition, there is a small turbo orgone radiator installed in the round plate at the inlet of the meander worm, which already radiates in the direction of the tap water. Overall, the water will be energized to a high degree by the built-in orgone radiator and the small turbo radiator and the toxins information in the energetic range will be deleted.