Experiences with aquaSpin Water Regarding Food and Beverages

The Quality of the Product Depends on the Quality of the Water!

Fortunately, even in the age of industrialization, many bakeries and breweries still rely on natural ingredients and traditional craftsmanship.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that often special attention is placed on water. As with a lot of food, the quality of the product highly depends on the quality of the water used for making the product.

Sales Increase and Satisfied Customers

The mostly named benefits regarding the use of activated water for bakery products are a better fermentation of sourdough, a fresher and better taste of bakery products as well as an increase in sales resulting from that. This goes along with lower cleaning and maintenance costs as well as a longer durability of your installations, spray arms, inlet strainers, heating coils, heat exchangers, food warmers, coffee machines etc.

In breweries you can also see positive changes such as a faster fermentation of beer slurry thanks to activated water.

〉〉 Review

«The Naturbäckerei Oppel works exclusively with natural raw materials, so it was natural to think about water.»