Benefits in Industry

Data, Numbers and Facts Are What Counts in Industry

Positive effects of the use of aquaSpin water in companies are, for example, that different production processes are optimized and that the use of necessary chemicals is reduced. Cleaning becomes easier and the repair and maintenance interval is extended. In many companies the heating circuits are the main cause of concern since they pose the most problems. With aquaSpin water the water in both systems remains clear, resulting in a better heat output.

Due to improved thermal conductivity, the energy consumption will be reduced considerably. In all water-bearing installations and parts of installations, corrosiveness will be stabilized or reduced, and lime scale will be dissolved or prevented. In pipes and boiler systems the so-called “soft water effect” develops.

Considerably Reduced Costs

Due to reduced lime scale and algae growth in water circuits, the cleaning and maintenance costs of the filter equipment and all water-bearing machines will decrease considerably.

Stress Situation for Water

Water is pressed into the pipe system with enormous pressure, permanently heated up and cooled down. The water is exposed to a stress situation and therefore loses nearly all of its vitality and buoyancy. The logical consequence are mostly technical problems in the cooling water circuit. The water in these circuits is often heavily polluted and has an unpleasant smell.

After the installation of an aquaSpin, the water cleans itself within a few months. It becomes clear and odor emissions are minimized. Furthermore, the water’s tendency to silt up is reduced and it is less prone to contamination. This effect is clearly visible!

Positive Benefits for Your Company

The cluster structure of the water is positively changed and possible rust deposits are removed. The system operates in a sustainable and resource-friendly way and brings economic benefits for your company.