Fascination Water

Motionless, straight flowing water does not seem to be in harmony with nature.

If you leave a river to itself, it will meander and create whirls that constantly circulate water and possibly enrich it with oxygen. It is possible that water vitalizes itself by flowing over a gravel bed and swirling itself around – a process that can remove interfering information.

This may be the reason why fresh spring water tastes so good!

“Comprehending and copying nature.” – Viktor Schauberger

Schauberger developed a completely new concept of nature, energy and ultimately awareness. His understanding of nature and technology was distinctly different from today’s highly industrialized civilization. During the course of his work, Schauberger obtained 13 patents.

Just like Wilhelm Reich, Nikola Tesla and Georges Lakhovsky he is considered the discoverer of the so-called “free energy”.