Protection of Appliances

Protect Your Appliances Actively and With Lasting Effect!

Washing Machine, Dish Washer, Coffee Machine, Kettle, etc.

In your washing machine, an increasing amount of lime gathers over time. This damages not only the heating rod but also the washing drum, hoses and pipes. The heating rod can stop working. Hoses that have been corroded by lime can start leaking and damage your washing machine. Furthermore, lime affects your washing results: Especially with low temperatures not all traces of washing powder can be removed inside your washing machine. This can lead to mould, bacteria and finally to unpleasant smells. Similarly, other appliances suffer from lime. Often chemical water softener from the supermarket are used. Aside from the effort and costs this takes, chemical substances damage appliances and the environment on a long-term basis. Further benefits arise for dish washers, coffee machines, etc. – all appliances that are in touch with water.

  • The durability of your appliances is extended
  • Conventional water softener from the supermarket are no longer necessary

  • Less cleansing agent is needed

Shower Heads, Taps, Fittings and Surfaces

Besides insidious damages, lime also leaves visible traces every day. Water is constantly used, for showering, cooking, washing or cleaning, and therefore also its annoying companion – lime. Lime scale is especially annoying in the bathroom where surfaces and fittings have to be polished laboriously and mostly with chemical cleansing agents. Soft water has another positive side effect: In general, cleaning (e.g. of window panes) requires smaller amounts of cleansing agent and less force.

  • Less cleansing agent is needed
  • Long-lasting brilliance of fittings and surfaces
  • Shower heads and taps do not fur up, and their durability is extended