Behind many things there is a long history, as it is also the case with the development of our aquaSpin technology.

We at aquaSpin have specialized in a very particular resource. What could be more important than our elixir of life, water? In this element, when it is brought back into its original state, there lies a potential that is still widely undiscovered. We would like to share this knowledge with you.

We are not talking about “conventional” water but about water with the quality that nature has intended for it.

The founder Helmut Preiss has now been concerned with this water for more than 15 years, and with continuous effort he has already introduced innovative and high-quality water treatment systems into the market. Through excellent engineering, he has now managed to establish the premium brand aquaSpin on the water market. Its extraordinary technology that is beyond compare has been constructed in order to provide customers with a higher quality of life, enjoyment and more great benefits.

Thanks to the innovative and wide-ranging application, the user of this technology gains a noticeable value retention regarding the whole piping system of their home and all appliances that are fed with tap water. In addition, costs are considerably reduced since smaller amounts of detergent, washing-up liquid and cleansing agent are needed. Aside from these personal benefits, our product contributes to the relief of our environment.

Our promise to you: You receive water enriched with new vitality. We have managed to treat water in a way that it vitalizes and refreshes humans as well as animals, plants and food.

This vitalizing quality brings many benefits to numerous fields of application such as the food industry, agriculture, hotels and horticulture, just to name a few.