The perfect complement to your water treatment water system

A completely new physical process for energizing pure water with a unique meandering water shape, special wavelengths and frequencies, geometrical form radiation, various high-quality organic and inorganic material arrangements. Bio-energized and activated water corresponds to a modern and healthy lifestyle in the sense of vitality, energy, wellness and enjoyment. The water regains its natural properties and has an invigorating and vitalizing effect on the body.

The POM meander turbulence helix is made of food-safe plastic. It is harmless for humans, animals and the environment (in accordance with the Foodstuffs and Commodities Act). The turbulence helix feeds the mains water through a sine wave which is also known as a meander.  As a result of the subsequent water turbulence, the water is levitated, i.e. brought to a higher energetic state.

The aquaSpin activator 3.8 is installed after a water treatment system / filter.

Worldwide unique with our water activation for upgrades of already existing water filter:

  • One-shot investment, no regular maintenance costs will arise
  • Quality “Made in Germany”
  • Certified component parts