Water Determines Quality

A very important part of our daily diet is well-prepared food of high quality. We demand very high standards from cooks and restaurateurs. Since it is the basis of many dishes, water greatly affects the quality of the food prepared in kitchens and canteens. With aquaSpin water dishes taste more refined. All ingredients are more aromatic and retain their original flavors. Fruit and vegetables remain fresh for a longer period of time. Even tea and coffee taste more refined and develop a stronger flavor.

Low Consumption and Reduced Costs

All appliances that are used with aquaSpin water are better protected against lime and require less cleaning. Lime scale in installations, pipe and boiler systems is reduced. The positive consequences are a longer durability of appliances such as coffee machines, dishwashers and heat exchangers, as well as considerably reduced costs for repairs and maintenance work. All water-bearing parts such as spray nozzles remain permanently operative. Combi steam ovens, heat retaining basins and coffee machines are protected.

Completely According to Your Taste

Did you know that humans can perceive more than ten thousand different aromas? There is good reason why people often talk about an “explosion of flavor”. In transformed aquaSpin water all aromas and ingredients can develop their full flavors.

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«Biochi - Cooking School, the first bio-certified, vegetarian, vegan cooking school in Austria»