Hotel and Wellness

Hotel guests wish for relaxation and vitality

In the hotel and wellness sector, the areas in which water is encountered are more diverse than anywhere else. According to the motto “Only the best for our guests!” aquaSpin water is highly valued among people in the hotel and wellness sector who appreciate water not only when it tastes excellent but also when it is used in spas and swimming pools. Customers experience a superior feeling of wellness while bathing or showering in vitalized aquaSpin water that is full of energy. Hotel guests and spa visitors find relaxation and vitality on the highest level.

Used in swimming or hotel pools, the vitalized water is perceived as extremely soft to your skin. Eyes are hardly burning and the odor of chlorine that is often felt to be disturbing is reduced. Furthermore, water vitalization with the aquaSpin brings considerable economic benefits due to the reduced amount of time that is needed for cleaning wet areas. Ecological benefits are the significantly reduced amount of cleansing agents, the optimized use of swimming pool chemicals and the increased protection of water pipes and technical installations, entailing a successive reduction of maintenance work.

The image improvement for the hotel and wellness sector through satisfied customers goes along with a stronger customer loyalty and positive recommendations. Therefore, an investment into the satisfaction of your customers will pay off through new satisfied customers and positive recommendations. An increasing number of municipal facilities, swimming pools, thermal baths and spas also vitalize their water. Every aquaSpin user actively protects the environment because the aquaSpin water that has been regenerated through vitalization is returned into the hydrological cycle.

〉〉 Review

«At first, Mr. Döbbeler of the Hotel Schlossparks could not imagine anything under an aquaSpin, now after trying it out, the whole hotel was pleasantly surprised. The guest survey also showed a high quality improvement.»