The slurry-vitalizer promotes the aerobic rotting process of the slurry

The slurry-vitalizer contains a multi-layered structure of different materials and components, like Rose quartz, biological cotton, special powder made of microorganisms, beechwood and water from a mineral spring, necessary for the activation of the slurry.

The heart of the vitalizer consists of the bio-energy accumulators and the clockwise rotating Lakhovsky-coil. With the slurry-vitalizer, the activity of micro-organisms can be increased. This becomes visible through the formation of bubbles.

  • No regular maintenance costs will arise.

  • Maximal comfort by less odour nuisance and no floating layer.

  • Guarantee: Your slurry-vitalizer has a guarantee of 5 years.

  • Do you still have questions? We will be pleased to provide you with individual and personal advice.

A perfect interplay of aquaSpin and slurry-vitalizer

An optimal combination: slurry-vitalizer and aquaSpin water activator can positively influence the ecosystem, animal well-being and plant growth.

Product overview

For slurry containers underground

The slurry-revitalizer MONO should be placed in the middle of the slurry
drift canals on the ground so that it can radiate both sides simultaneously.

For slurry containers above ground

The slurry-revitalizer DUO is fastened at the edge of the slurry pit with a strong
nylon rope or chain and loweres into the slurry pit.