Experience water based on the model of nature

Through excellent engineering, we have been able to put over 100 years of research from various scientists as well as own technical know-how into one unique technology, the aquaSpin. In particular, the spinning created by a distinctive meandering shape, an essential component, imitates vitalizing and cleaning effects created only when water flows freely along the courses of streams and rivers. Bio-energetic activated water has been designed to increase quality of life, enjoyment, sustainability and to guarantee a long benefit.

A technology that inspires worldwide

Our technology gives water new energy and life force, verified in many studies. We reach water, which has a vitalizing effect on humans but also animals, plants and groceries. This qualifies our technology for various application possibilities. Bio-energetic water offers next to the private use numerous advantages to farmers, spas, pools hotels, restaurants, bakeries, gardening and industries.


Examples from industry and trade

In addition to private use, bio-energetic activated water offers numerous advantages for pools, hotels, restaurants, bakeries, horticulture, car washes, laundries, bottling plants, food processing, industry...