Water based on the model of nature

Through excellent engineering, we have been able to put over 100 years of research from various scientists as well as own technical know-how into one unique technology, the aquaSpin water activators. This technology imitates processes from nature itself and is extremely effective without using any electricity or chemicals.

Improvement in the water quality and active limescale protection

aquaSpin is a new dimension in physical-energetic water treatment using a system based on nature and special meander turbulence. Once a person has recognised the difference for himself, one thing is totally clear: they will now only drink activated and bio-energetic invigorated water!


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At a glance:

The effect of aquaSpin water activators on humans, animals, plants and the environment

We have gained a variety of experiences in different business fields

It is not just humans that benefit from this technology. Animals and plants also discover the difference. It is for exactly this reason that our innovation is not only attractive for people’s own pets and plants but has also attracted great interest from industry. Thus, we would like to give you a brief insight.